PLA CF - Bambu Studio


This is a comprehensive materials settings guide to help get started!

The settings listed below have been found to produce the best results using Bambu Lab X1C in our test lab. However, every printer is unique and different, and settings need to be tweaked based on the hardware. Consider these parameters as a solid starting point rather than rigid, foolproof configurations. You can always reach out to us at if you have any questions. 

Drying recommendation 

Temp (°C)


Time (h)



Advanced settings enabled. Load the generic PLA CF profile. 

No modifications are required to the generic PLA CF profile on Bambu studio. Enjoy printing!

Recommended printer upgrades

Special Nozzle

Hardened nozzle recommened

Bed adhesion

PEI, Glass Plate, Painter's tape, Glue stick

Heated bed



Not required


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